Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine from Pobox Customer Service

After last week's post about spreading love with email, Pobox's own Kate Marstin was inspired by someone she really loves -- you!

Dear Poboxers,

Valentine's Day seems like the best time to tell you all what I've been thinking. I've been keeping my true feelings to myself. I think that I might love you, customers.

When I first got this job many years ago, you intimidated me. Being part of the public face of Pobox was nerve wracking. I was never sure where I stood with you.

I still remember the first day I thought I could do this long-term. I had been down all day after a rather mean message came in from a customer, after I had worked very hard on her problem. I remember thinking, "perhaps, I'm not cut out to do this job." Then, she wrote back to tell me that one of my solutions had worked after all! She also apologized for her other message and thanked me. A couple of days later, a card arrived at the office -- via postal mail. She had written again to thank me. I saved that card as a reminder to myself to never give up on your problems.

When I was working every day, I felt a thrill when I'd help you with an issue that was difficult to track down and resolve. I'd notice happily when you sent a thank you email and tell my family about it later.

If I got one of your ideas implemented, I'd be glad that I had made you happy. If our technical staff turned down an idea, I'd try to go to bat for you. If they still said no, I'd be upset and sympathize. My coworkers and boss were my friends, but you were my priority. You were the ones who made it possible for me to get up every day, happy to go to work.

Even though we don't get to spend as much time together now that I'm only handling tickets on the weekend, I wanted to let you know how important you are to me. Thank you for making me happy to talk to you every day for so long. You all deserve my best support just for being customers. I made the cookies, though, because your kindness keeps you in my heart always.

Love and cheers,
Kate Marstin
Pobox Customer Service

Kate, those cookies are incredible -- and she made enough for us to share with you! Have a valentine for Pobox Customer Service that you'd like to share? Put it in the comments. We'll pick a random customer to get a package of Kate's homemade treats. Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spreading Love with Email

Valentine's Day could be the official holiday of Pobox -- we've been loving email so long, we're due to send it a silver teapot. Valentine's Day isn't just about flowers, chocolates, and stuffed teddy bears, though. Why not use technology to give the Valentine's gift that can touch even the most jaded cynic, the love letter? I'll even give you a few ideas to get you started.

1. Start today, and send your sweetie "10 things I love about you" by the 14th.

2. Do you save your old email? Go back through your archives, and forward some favorite messages from your early courtship.

3. Email the lyrics to "your" song.

4. Send a picture. In the age of digital cameras and smartphones, a picture can say a thousand words, so be effusive about your love. Or, for another take on idea 2, scan in photos from your first months together, if your love goes back to the pre-digital era.

5. Ask his or her friends, via email, about your valentine's best trait. Then compile and send to your loved one.

Let's see how easy it is to write a short and sweet note, by examining one I've written on behalf of us all to something we hold dear around here.

Dear Email,

You're still our #1 main squeeze after all these years! You're there for us all day, every day, handling all the details of our lives without complaint. But you can also still send a thrill through our hearts with those 3 little words -- you've got mail.


It's not just cupids and hearts, though. Email can help you handle the practical side of love, too. Pobox Plus and Mailstore users can use Delivery Groups to set up an address that forwards to both members of a couple. Lots of customers have used them to set up addresses when planning their wedding. They end up keeping them because it's awfully handy to give out one address that can reach you both, without having another mailbox to check.

How do you use email to spread love -- sweet or practical? Share it in the comments (or just let me know if you use any of my ideas for your own e-valentine!)