Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New filter feature for Mailstore customers: filter to Mailbox!

I'm excited to announce a new option we've just added to Email Filters: Deliver to folders! Mailstore customers can now set up filters that will immediately direct mail to specific folders in their Mailstore account.

To use it, just create a filter, specifying what we should look for in your message. Then, when choosing an action, select "Save The Message In Folder" and specify the name of the folder where it should be delivered.

This should make it easier for you to sort and categorize mail, before it hits your Inbox. For customers who access their Mailstore account from multiple email programs or devices, this means you can get consistent filtering, no matter which email program reads the message first.

Some details about how it works:

If the folder doesn't exist when the message is received, the folder will be created when the first matching message reaches Mailstore.

If you want to save the message to a sub-folder, like, Friends > Joe, just specify the folder path with dots(.) separating them, like Friends.Joe.

Special characters are not permitted in filterable folder names (even if you've already set up folders using those names.) Folder names can be numbers, letters, and dashes. Dots (.) cannot be used as part of the folder name, as that is reserved to indicate sub-folders.

We hope you enjoy this new feature! We're very excited about it (and about the changes to email filters from earlier in the year that made it possible to add, too.) If you have any questions or comments about using it, please let us know!


  1. "I'm excited to announce..." - do we know you, Vanessa? Business writing would dictate "We're excited to announce..", wouldn't it?
    And, okay, so there's a new feature for MailStore. And 'MailStore' is....? I've been here for years but I don't believe I've ever heard of the term.
    The principals of POB seem to have an empathy shortcoming; I've just come from my 'home page' and for the first time I've come across a term 'Delivery Group'. Just sitting there. And a Delivery Group is...?
    BTW, both the 'Was this helpful' and 'Upgrade my account' buttons don't work - ah.. and 'Contact Us'. (Wondering why I'm saying this here..?)
    (Ah, the Preview button worked the second time..)
    (What's all this 'Post as' thing?)

  2. HI,

    Can we see screenshot of Webmail of mailstore ?